Shot on MAVO


MAVO as flagship camera of Kinefinity, achieves super organic and low-noise images with high dynamic range, stunning details. We will keep updating video works shot by MAVO, and some of them have footages for downloading.

If you also want to share your works here, please contact us by Email.

2018.4  MAVO + Orion Anamorphic Shooting

Cameraman: Sean Conley, Qingqing Liu, Raafi; Location: Las Vegas;
Camera: MAVO, S35 6K 6:5, 4864×3984 @40fps, ISO 800/1600;
Lenses: Atlas Orion 40mm;
Graded by: Youfeng.

Footage download links: .

2018.3  MAVO Test footages:Dark night

Camera: MAVO + EF mounting adapter with KineEnhancer; Lens: Zeiss Milvus Prime set;
Record format: 6K@25fps, ISO@800~2000;
Cameraman and graded by: Youfeng(Resolve);
The teaser of the work will be available in the mid of Apr.

Footage download links: .

2018。3  MAVO Test footages: Humble Admin Garden

Camera: MAVO + PL Mounting Adapter; Lens: MAVO Prime Set;
Record Formats: 6K@50fps, ISO@400~1280;
Cameraman, Graded by: Youfeng(Resolve).

Footage download link.

2018.4  Wake Up

Cameraman, Director, Graded by ; Location: Los Angeles, USA;
Camera: MAVO, EF Mount; Lenses: Sigma Art 18-35mm f/1.8;
Recording format: 6K ProRes422HQ @25fps, 50fps, ISO: 1600-3200;
Graded: Resolve 14.

For the interview with Louis director and more detailed making of this wonderful film, please visit the article.

Note: the copyright of the videos and clips are reserved to the original authors。