From: $699

It fits: [MAVO and TERRA]

7mm KineMAG/KineMAG+ is born to match Kine cameras: handle full bandwidth RAW recording, with reliability and long life, all-metal case and good heat dissipation。 There is a slot on one end of KineMAG+, which perfectly facilitates pull-plug operation between the SSD and MAVO/TERRA body。

KineMAG+ features much more capacity than KineMAG SSD, because KineMAG+ utilizes high-quality MLC chips。 But it can also record 6K lossless compressed KRW in real time。


7mm KineMAG/KineMAG+ SSD is born to match Kine cameras: it handles full bandwidth RAW recording, with reliability and long life, all-metal case and good heat dissipation. There is slots on one end of KineMAG+, which facilitates pull-plug operation between the SSD and MAVO/TERRA body.

As Kine cameras record handle full bandwidth RAW, digital cameras demand strict requirements of KineMAG+ on data writing:

Reliable with long life: as the data needs to be written into SSD continuously from cameras, stable writing speed and long life are essential requirements on professional SSD. As KineMAG+ employs excellent controller and stable flash memory chips, it’s more reliable and has longer life that ordinary SSD.

Industrial standards: KineMAG+ has a standard SATA interface and so can be used directly by a USB to SATA cable (You may use HFS+, or Macdrive™ or freeware HFSexplorer if your workstation run Windows™, since KineMAG™ SSD file system is MAC HFS)。 This industry standard interface makes the workflow with Kine cameras more quickly and easily, saves you the cost of special adapters to access the RAW data recorded by camera。

KineMAG+ has capacity of 512GB and 1TB。 Bandwidth of 4K uncompressed CinemaDNG at 30fps is around 400MB/s。 If record 25fps, the record time over different codecs and different resolutions are shown as follows (in minutes):

KineMAG 120GB
KineMAG 240GB
KineMAG+ 500GB
KineMAG+ 1TB
2K@25fps KineRAW(.krw)4896200400
2K@25fps Cineform RAW(.mov)100200400800
2K@25fps CinemaDNG(.dng)3060120240
3K@25fps KineRAW(.krw)2448100200
3K@25fps Cineform RAW(.mov)50100200400
3K@25fps CinemaDNG(.dng)122450100
4K@25fps KineRAW(.krw)122450100
4K@25fps CinemaDNG(.dng)6122550
6K@25fps KineRAW(.krw)6122550

FAQ about KineMAG+

Yes, but you need a shim to turn KineMAG+ from 7mm to 9.5mm thick. Please contact us when you place an order.

One year of limited warranty for KineMAG+, but no limitation for formatting.

TERRA does not prohibit users from using third-party SSDs。 Users could try to use third-party SSD, but generally speaking, third-party SSD are consumer-type, not optimized for professional camera recording。

Notice: Performance on data spec are guaranteed by KineMAG+ SSD. There is no technical support or help on recording issues such as frame drop or data loss if using third-party SSD.

The bit rate depends on resolution, fps and code type you use to shoot, the maximum bit rate is 430 MBytes/s。

Notice: the bit rate does not stand for the writing speed of SSD. The normal writing speeds of most consumer-type SSDs are not suitable for cinema cameras.

No, anti-splashing instead of waterproof。


The difference between KineMAG and KineMAG+ SSD is: KineMAG utilises SLC chip, while KineMAG+ utilises high quality MLC chips。 Performance warranty of KineMAG is THREE years, but ONE year for KineMAG+。 But both SSD are designed and optimized for cinema camera。

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