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There are many ways to contact us based on different intentions. This website provides official information, announcements, products description, post workflow and sales information. You can learn how to shoot with Kine cameras and how to do post workflow, and also buy our cameras and accessories online.

Kinefinity Inc. 

Address:Rm 1-6, Bldg #1,
Enji West Park,
No.1, Fuwailiangjiadian,
Haidian District 100142, Beijing, China.

Tel: 0086-10-51243411
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Syndicam GmbH
Add: Richard-Sorge-Str. 13,
10249 Berlin, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)3068327732

Demo and Hands-on

Address: Rm133, Bldg B, LeDong 300,
Beihuayuan Str, Chaoyang Dist, Beijing
Contact: Chen Hua (Only for hands-on)
Mobile Phone:

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To hands-on, share, rent Kine Cameras in the countries where there is no local dealers, you may visit KineLinked. KineLinked >