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快3网上购买Kinefinity Launched Brand-new MAVO Edge 8K

On April 27th, 2020, Beijing- Kinefinity released MAVO Edge, a brand-new large-format 8K cine camera. With a whole-new carbon fiber camera body, MAVO Edge is equipped with a stunning 8K 75P CMOS imaging sensor and cutting-edge image processing engine, which elevate the Kinefinity camera system to a whole new level. Featuring internal motorized full-spectrum e-ND, […]

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Kinefinity Camera Product Line is Listed at a New Price!

快3网上购买Beijing, Feb 14th, 2020-Since 2017, Kinefinity had released three cinema cameras: TERRA 4K, MAVO and MAVO LF. During this time, while receiving numerous industry awards, the cameras have served as professional tools to help filmmakers create excellent images. At the same time, Kinefinity put a lot of efforts in optimizing the supply chain and production […]


固件KineOS 6.3

KineOS 6。3对于MAVO LF/MAVO/TERRA 4K而言,从底层开始全面优化监看画面,实现超低延迟和顺畅无比的监看体验,此外,本次更新还添加了单帧拍照模式!对于MAVO LF而言,升格性能大幅提升,帧率提高50%,实现S35 4K 150fps! KineOS 6。3适配MAVO LF、MAVO和TERRA 4K,但是并非所有新功能适用在上述机型。 1。 超低延迟、更顺畅的监看 从底层开始全面优化监看画面,大幅降低高分辨率下监看延迟,带来超低延迟和顺畅无比的监看体验!搭配同样具备超低延迟的全新基于DirectClear平台的KineMON-5U、KineMON-7H延迟减小到100ms以内,而搭配全新KineEVF,监看延迟更是减小到80ms。 即使使用非DirectClear/第三方监视器,也能够获得比之前更低延迟、更流畅的监看! 2。 大幅提升MAVO LF升格能力 在6。3固件中,MAVO LF升格性能大幅提升,不同分辨率下的最高帧率提高50%,实现S35 4K 150fps!3K Wide 150fps!2K Wide 290fps! 6K Open Gate:40–>48fps; 6K DCI:50–>60fps; 4K DCI:75–>112fps; 4K HD Wide:100–>150fps; 3K Wide:150–>195fps; 2K HD Wide:200–>290fps。 3。 新增单帧拍照模式 在6。3固件中,新增单帧拍照模式,支持单帧无损cDNG的拍摄!在保留极佳的超高画质的同时,实现电影摄影机和相机的结合。 提示:单帧拍照模式,在编码格式为cDNG下,可以设置使用,在ProRes4444/422HQ下,没有开启拍照模式。 4。 修复bug和提高稳定性 支持新款监视器KineMON-5U、KineMON-7H和KineEVF; 增加纵向变宽比例; 提高监看画面质量; 修复cDNG缓存,提高cDNG记录格式下的稳定性; 修复ProRes4444白平衡设置; 提高稳定性; 其他问题。 该固件的稳定度:评估。 […]

KineOS 6.2_en
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Firmware KineOS 6.2

The KineOS 6。2 for TERRA 4K is with big performance improvement from 4K 100fps to 4K 160fps and from 2K 220fps to 2K 320fps。 For MAVO LF and MAVO, KineOS 6。2 enables the side screen function to display key parameters and adds the 3K/4K outputs oversampled from 6K open gate, to make the 3:2 open gate shooting mode more […]

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Operation Manual (KineOS 6.2)

The operation manual is for MAVO LF, MAVO and TERRA 4K with KineOS6。2。 It introduces functions and settings of every model: the basic interfaces, UI and operation, Status Panel, Countdown Protection, settings, Timecode, Playback etc。

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Firmware KineOS 6.1

The latest KineOS6.1 as an elegant and powerful firmware matches MAVO LF and provides more enhancement like optimization on UI, black balancing, project blanking, more anamorphic ratios, e-ND step setting, etc. MAVO LF, MAVO, TERRA 4K even TERRA 6K can work with KineOS6.1, but not all new functions applicable on TERRA 4K and TERRA 6K. […]

Wake Up_shot2
Shot on MAVO

快3网上购买Wake Up (shot on MAVO)

Cameraman, Director, Graded by Louis Mayo; Location: Los Angeles, USA; Camera: MAVO, EF Mount; Lenses: Sigma Art 18-35mm f/1.8; Recording format: 6K ProRes422HQ @25fps, 50fps, ISO: 1600-3200; Graded: Resolve 14. The following is the talk between Kinefinity and Louis. How did the opportunity present itself? That’s a great question, because there are so many talented […]


KineOS 6.0 for TERRA

KineOS6.0 is the latest firmware for TERRA 4K with the biggest change on UI, also a significant improvement on performance of TERRA 4K. The new firmware provides: compressed RAW (cinemaDNG), in-camera oversampling down to 2K/1080p, open gate mode and 4:3 anamorphic mode.

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KineOS5.2 (for TERRA 6K)

KineOS5.2 is only for TERRA 6K. The update covers improving monitoring image quality; allowing different FPS for monitoring; much more responsive on UI; activating Low-power Mode on SideGrip, supporting fast-forward or fast-reverse when playback, changing the working principle when applying external TC, lowering the minimum sensor fps to 2fps and supporting e-ND adapters.

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KineOS5.1 (for TERRA 6K)

KineOS5.1 only applies to TERRA 6K shipped before Jan 20, 2016. The update covers optimization on in-camera debayer algorithm, improving image quality of ProRes; Improvement on monitoring video path; Support NTFS file system on SSD; Support new KineBAT-120W; Fix some bugs and improve stability.

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KineOS 5.0 (for TERRA 6K)

快3网上购买The current firmware of TERRA is KineOS 5.0, which has optimized the encoding of Apple ProRes. In the latest version of KineOS 0.5, KineRAW (KRW) RAW is also provided. You can choose either high-efficiency and high-quality Apple ProRes or lossless KineRAW for best image quality. The version of KineStation for TERRA is V0.9.